EEA Nationals – Eligibility to become a British Citizen

You may be eligible for permanent residency, naturalisation and a British passport. For full details click here

We are offering free lunchtime sessions by prior appointment at our Wokingham branch during August and September between 12 and 2pm for eligible applicants.  Applicants will have 15 minutes to discuss their case. 

The session will set out the process for permanent residency and Naturalisation, so will be limited to those applicants who have been exercising EU Treaty rights in the UK for at least 5 continuous years.

Workers, self employed, students and self sufficient applicants may qualify as exercising EU Treaty Rights. 

Where there is a break in residence in the UK for 6 months or more without good reason, residency may be broken.  2 years away from the UK will break the residency period and the continuous 5 years need to start again.

Session attendance is by appointment only.

If your case is complicated, you may need to book a separate fixed fee interview at £250 inclusive of VAT.
Where next?
Pre-book your appointment now.  Email or call Catrina on 0118 977 4045.