What Our Clients Say

Providing a superb customer service with plain speaking advice is our forté; but we would say that wouldn't we!

"As a major vending company in the UK, we have been delighted by the support and fast response times from Herrington Carmichael on a variety of legal advice including Employment and Company Commercial issues"
Helen Taylor, Marketing Manager, SnackTime


Below are a number of customer quotes that were given during an independent research project into how our clients felt about Herrington Carmichael.

Client Quotes
"They're reactive, they're proactive...when I need to get answers quickly I get them... sending an email I can guarantee that I get a reply within half an hour..."

"They are very professional, very efficient, and to be recommended..."

"Professional, understanding, courteous and very relaxed and easy to deal with..."

"They're down to earth...It's not a flowery approach - it's very straightforward..."

"I find them approachable, friendly and I’m very happy to use the practice."