Business and Contract Disputes

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Our Dispute Resolution team is able to offer advice and assistance in relation to all forms of business and contract disputes.

We recognise that the commercial realities of taking action are a vital consideration and that any dispute needs to be carefully managed to make sure the outcome is the best possible for your business.

Business and Contract disputes can be wide ranging and varied.

Common disputes tend to be:

  • Whose T&C's apply to this order? Theirs or ours? 
  • We sent them our standard order form with our T&C's on the back to complete and return but they telephoned the order through instead and we delivered the goods without getting the paperwork completed. What terms can we rely upon?
  • We have done business with them for years and never bothered to renew the original contract. That one ran out ages ago and now we have a dispute they say the original terms are not enforceable.
  • We took delivery of the goods in sealed boxes and their driver got our stores clerk to sign a delivery note which turns out to say that we confirm we had checked the items and all were OK. Now we have checked the boxes, the goods are not up to scratch. Our end customer says he won't accept them and the supplier says we signed to accept them and won't take them back.
  • We completed the contract and they had no complaints. Now we have chased for payment they are saying we did not do our job properly and won't pay us the whole amount.
  • We agreed a price with our end customer on the back of agreeing a deal with our supplier. The supplier is always late delivering and our end customer is saying they can walk away and sue us for the loss they have suffered.
  • We delivered the goods to their warehouse as required; now we hear they have gone bust. Can we go and get our goods back as they have not paid us for them?


Legal disputes of this nature are a drain on your resources and prevent you concentrating on your core business. Our team will give you a clear assessment of your legal position and explore with you how best to resolve matters on a commercial basis. We pride ourselves on helping you achieve a commercial solution to enable you to get back to what you do best.


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