Residential & Nursing Home Care

Are you or your relative receiving care? Are you worried about costs and affordability for the future?

Through listening, asking questions and building a relationship, we work together with you to find a solution.  It may be that the Local Authority should be providing more financial support, or if we can demonstrate a primary health need, the NHS is obliged to pay for your care in full.

The Local Authority Route –

People with income or capital are often told by the Local Authority that they are automatically not eligible for funding.  However, there are various assets which the Local Authority is not entitled to include in their calculations, so we can assist you with assessing whether there is a challenge to be made.

NHS Continuing Healthcare –

Regardless of your income or capital, if we can demonstrate a primary healthcare need, the NHS is legally required to pay for your care.  An assessment will be undertaken by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), following national guidelines.  We assist with these assessments in making sure all the relevant information is highlighted to the CCG to give you the best possible chance of a successful outcome.

We also assist with appeals if you already have had a decision of the CCG which you are not happy with.  Our team can also run simulated assessments with qualified medical staff to give you the reassurance as to whether you are likely to be successful prior to embarking on the assessment process.

Our team combines the expertise of our Dispute Resolution solicitors, and our Private Client solicitors.  Please contact Frances Kyle at or by telephone on 0118 977 4045 to find the correct approach for you.

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