Wills & Inheritance Tax (inc. Probate)

One of the most important things anyone can do is to secure the future for the ones they care about. We can’t know what will happen to us but making a will and getting sensible advice on UK inheritance tax laws and about how best to pass on assets is an essential part of that planning process.

Our pragmatic and sympathetic team of qualified lawyers can help you arrange your affairs and plan effectively for the future (although they leave buying and selling your home or dispute resolution to our other teams in those areas).

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Our principal areas of work cover initial will drafting and trust setups, estate planning advice, right through to inheritance tax planning, lasting power of attorney and elderly client affairs.

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Recognising that some elderly clients may have difficulty with travel our policy on home visits is highly flexible. But what happens to your possessions if you die and do not have a will? Click here to see the Rules of Intestacy.

Tax can often be a daunting subject. Whilst we do not claim to be experts in every type of tax we are recognised specialists in UK inheritance tax laws. In addition, we do have considerable knowledge of income and capital gains tax and often advise on these. Alternatively we can refer clients to more specialist advisers if appropriate.

If you think you may have grounds to challenge a Will, or have not been provided for, please click here for our Dispute Resolution Department.

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