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A concern for most people when engaging in a legal dispute is how much it will cost to reach a resolution. The costs will depend on the issues in dispute and the course of action that needs to be taken. Our lawyers will be able to give you an estimate of anticipated costs at the outset of your case. However, to give you certainty as to your costs there are some areas where we are able to offer fixed prices. These areas of work and costs involved are as follows:

All Clients

Undefended Debt recovery from £35 (+VAT & Court Fees) 
Initial meeting with one of our Lawyers (up to 1 hour) £150 (inc VAT)

and then:

For Individuals

Preparation of court papers for simple small claim actions from £350 (+VAT) 
Review of limited papers/contract and providing an initial advice related to one of the following: £500 (+VAT)

Boundary Disputes (review of title documents)
Co-ownership of Property Disputes
Eviction of Tenants (Tenancy Agreements and Notices)
Inheritance Dispute (paperwork)
Building/Construction Agreements


For Businesses

Preparation of court papers for simple small claim actions from £350 (+VAT)
Tenant Eviction (preparation of section 21 Notice) £250 (+VAT)
Intellectual Property (initial review of papers
and drafting cease and desist letter)
from £500 (+VAT)
Debt Recovery  
Undefended Debt Recovery from £35 (+VAT & Court Fees)
Statutory Demand (preparation and standard service) £300 (+VAT & service fee if agent required)

Charging Options

Like almost all solicitors we charge our clients on an hourly basis for the work undertaken for you. We however understand the importance to clients of price certainty which is why we have set out above some fixed cost items.

Once we have had an initial meeting with you and we have a better idea of your issues and concerns we can then discuss with you whether the matter is suitable to be dealt with under one of our fixed price packages. If it is not we might be able to agree a fixed fee just for you. If however the best way is to deal with the matter on our standard hourly rate - then we will be happy to discuss one or other of the following funding options:

• Blended Rates
(Usually the amount of the hourly charge depends on the seniority of the solicitor undertaking the work - it may be that we can agree with you one set hourly rate regardless as to who undertakes the work for you)

• Legal Expenses Insurance
(You should check your home insurance to see if you have legal expenses insurance.  It may be that if you are covered your insurers require you to use one of their panel solicitors.   However, subject to your insurers agreement and suitability of the terms of our engagement we are happy to work for you and be funded by insurers)

Please note our dispute resolution team does not undertake work funded by the state commonly known as Legal Aid.

If you would like to discuss our fees, or any other Dispute Resolution matter please contact Herrington Carmichael LLP's Dispute Resolution team on 01276 686222 or 0118 977 4045 or email